How to Get Your Visitors to Stay On Your Home Business Blog Longer

The whole idea behind getting people to visit your home business blog is to get them to subscribe and to introduce them to your product offers. The best way to persuade them to sign up is to offer them a quality gift that solves a problem for them or, at the very least, gives them the additional information they’re seeking. Now that you’ve convinced them to give you their email address the question now becomes: “How do you get them to stay on your website longer?”

There are several techniques you can use to accomplish this goal including, but not limited to, these 4 tactics:

1. Video has taken the Internet by storm and it has been proven that people visit for longer periods of time on websites which have video content. This format is entertaining and the majority of people are looking for some form of diversion when they log on to the Internet and by providing what they want they are more inclined to stay longer. And the longer someone stays on your web page the more likely they will become paying customers.

2. Have a contest or some type of competition that produces a winner each and every month. This persuades people to become involved with your blog and interact by competing for your prize. They also want to return for another visit to see how they’re doing in the standings and to find out if they’ve won the monthly award.

3. Place a chat room or a forum on your website to encourage people to interact with each other. This creates a sense of community among your visitors and they eventually begin to form friendships with other members of your discussion board. This is a great way to get your prospects to become regular visitors which should increase your chances of convincing them to become paying clients.

4. Place a suggestion box on your blog and ask your visitors and your current customers for their impression of your blog and your product offers and ask them how they would improve things they don’t like. When you begin to implement some of the changes people have suggested they begin to feel like they’re opinions are appreciated and they feel as though they’re a part of your blog and your home business community.

You should treat your website visitors the same way you would treat guests in your home; by trying to accommodate them and by making them feel at home by giving them what they want to make their stay as enjoyable as possible. If you can accomplish this goal you’ll increase your return traffic which will also increase your online home business sales and profits.

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